Kübekháza mayor: The border fence is for Jobbik voters

We don’t need to build fences, we need to build bridges between people.” – Róbert Molnár, mayor, Kübekháza

Kübekháza is a village in Hungary close to where Hungary, Serbia, and Romania converge. Its mayor, Róbert Molnár, thinks the border fence between Serbia and Hungary (and the soon to be erected fence between Romania and Hungary) serves absolutely no practical function beyond appealing to Jobbik voters.

Molnár appeared recently on ATV Start with Egon Rónai to share his thoughts on the refugee crisis.

“It’s very important that today’s Hungarian society see beyond the fence and see the spiritual side of this issue,” he said. “I’m a Christian and the first thing that came to mind when I heard the government wants to build a fence is that someone needs to sound the alarm. Over the course of history any nation, country, or power that chose to build a fence eventually fell under a curse. Just think about it: Auschwitz, the Berlin Wall, Recsk, the Eastern bloc.”

Molnár says that all walls or fences erected against humanity are the same.

What is the motivation behind the wall?

“One should always look at the motivation behind something.  I agree completely that Hungary’s sovereignty needs to be defended. I would also agree with the fence if I knew that it actually served to protect us instead of being employed as a tool by those in power….” he says.

“We need to look at what the motivation behind the fence is. I feel the fence was built for Jobbik voters, not for the migrants. The migrants are being used as miserable pawns in this type of politics and this system. We need to see that if those in power are using people who live in misery as tools to retain and stabilize their power by appealing to voters who have lost trust in them….then this fence has lost its purpose.”

Molnár says power is a gift that man receives from God. Whether or not the leader uses the power to righteously serve his nation depends on whether the leader abuses the power.

“You must not incite hatred amongst different groups and raise yourself onto a pedestal,” he says.

“Let’s look at the situation. Has the fence really solved the migration problem? The people who were shot with water cannons and tear gas at Horgos and Röszke are the same people welcomed with our arms up in the air when they entered Hungary through [the Croatian border] Baranya and Zala county. This was just shameful. We don’t need to build fences, we need to build bridges between people.”

Molnár says both Hungary and the European Union have a responsibility to protect their borders, but not at the expense of using human beings as pawns.

“This hatred can’t be allowed to continue, and I’m not just talking about the billboards, there are families between torn apart by this. We are seeing barbed wire and fences separating family members from each other,” he says.

“What will our future be? If we’re always fighting battles against others – the United States, Germany, and our neighbors, there’s no one besides Putin that we have a good relationship with – then when will we have a time to build on peace?”

Molnár says he believes the Hungarian government always needs an enemy to fight, otherwise there would be peace and Hungarian society would want to deal with issues like the incredibly poor healthcare system, the poor education system, and so on.

He says Kübekháza’s relations with neighboring towns in Romania and Serbia are “excellent”. Mayors from those towns had called him when they heard that the Hungarian government would build a fence along the border.

“Regardless of what happens to the bilateral relations between our two countries, a fence will not stop us from being friends,” one mayor told Molnár.

Forrás: http://budapestbeacon.com/public-policy/kubekhaza-mayor-the-border-fence-is-for-jobbik-voters/27853



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Molnár Róbert: Egy politikus, akit rabul ejtett Isten (277. oldal)

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